NOTE: Online Course Only, , Law & Ethics of Animal Testing explores the, complex and oftentimes controversial regulatory, framework that governs the use of animals in, scientific experiments in biomedical research and, in toxicity testing. Students will learn, first-hand about the latest litigation and policy, developments from experts who are at the, forefront of this quickly evolving field. Whether, you are new to the topic or a seasoned veteran,, this dynamic and fast-paced course will provide, you with the tools and knowledge you need to, become effective advocates, policy-makers, and, analysts in this critically important area of, law., , This course is conducted entirely online. The, course will consist of a combination of live, online chats with Professor Locke, prerecorded, lectures accessible online, readings posted on, our online platform, and assigned course work., The assigned reading and lectures will be, released, based on the content, over the course, of the two weeks. In addition, all students will, be required to participate in eight online, LiveChats with dates and times TBD., , In this course, you will receive direct faculty, instruction through LiveChats, webcasts,, podcasts, prerecorded video, and online, discussion., , This course is open to Lewis & Clark law, students, as well as visiting students and, auditing students. Visiting students must check, with their home schools to ensure the credits are, transferable. Lewis & Clark is an ABA-accredited, law school, and the credits from the distance, learning courses may be eligible for transfer, back law schools, depending on the rules of the, school accepting the credits for transfer. All, students should check with their home school as, to the specific rules regarding transfer of, credits. Lewis & Clark law students should review, the school's policy on distance learning credits., , Under ABA Standard 306(f),, , A law school shall not enroll a student in, courses qualifying for credit under this Standard, until that student has completed instruction, equivalent to 28 credit hours toward the J.D., degree., Students outside of Oregon, California, New York,, Texas, Maryland, or Washington who wish to, register for this distance learning course at, Lewis & Clark must contact Lindsay Kadish, ( prior to registration in, order to confirm that the course can be offered, for credit in the state they reside in.