This course will introduce students to how the, law, whether it be statutory, regulatory, or, common law - affects animals. It will include an, examination of the relationship between humans, and animals from both philosophical and practical, perspectives, taking into account: the uses to, which animals are put and a scientific, understanding of their capacities; the, ramifications of the legal classification of, animals as property; how the law impacts people's, relationship with companion animals; use of, animals by industry, including agribusiness;, current animal protection laws, both state and, federal, as well as efforts to reform such laws, through legislation and litigation; standing and, other problems of litigating on behalf of, animals; and the way the law regulates the, dissemination of information regarding animals., The course will encompass aspects of a wide, variety of substantive areas, including criminal, law, administrative law, torts, contracts,, consumer protection law, first amendment and, other constitutional issues, wills and trusts,, domestic relations, comparative law, and more., Grades will be determined by participation,, assignments, and a final examination.