This course emphasizes real-world situations a, lawyer is likely to face when advocating for, animals. It examines different roles that, lawyers interested in animal protection may, encounter: volunteering or working for, nonprofits; giving legal advice to nonprofits; or, serving directly as counsel. Part of the course, provides an overview of general nonprofit legal, topics: establishment of a nonprofit; creation, and preservation of 501(c)3 tax exempt status;, risk management; nonprofit volunteers; employee, issues; fundraising; tax issues; hosting public, events; privacy issues; and protection of, intellectual property rights. The course also, covers legal issues of particular interest to, animal nonprofits: animal adoptions; care and, transportation of live animals across state, lines; disaster relief for animals; veterinary, laws; property issues regarding rescued animals;, lobbying for animal protection laws; and, prosecution of animal cruelty cases. Students, will be evaluated based upon class participation, and a final exam.