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de Lauren Satterwhite - miércoles, 28 de abril de 2021, 12:12
Todo el mundo

Today we reviewed the critiques that Rebecca gave to us on our one-on-one.🙂 Some of these reviews consisted on movement within the scene like when we sit and when we stand. 😎 Rebecca actually finalized specific spots where we should stay still and have a conversation rather than wonder and move 💃 😲  We clarified some of the beats and changed certain beat phrases around 😉. Rebecca also provided individual comments about how we said our lines which we also kept in mind for today 😌. Our connection is still fine, our trust is still strong 🙂. We feel well prepared for the final scene! Good luck to everyone on their finals! Can't wait to see everyone's performances!  

Asociado Curso: TH113-01/21SP