Welcome to Moodle at Lewis & Clark

Login Information

by Educational Technology Administrator -

Please log into Moodle using your LC username (not your email address) and LC Password.

If your LC account was created after May 13, 2020, you have an auto-generated numeric username (lc##-###). Use the lc##-### username to log into Moodle.  Use this username when logging into similar L&C systems such as Webadvisor and lab computers.

If you need to change or reset your LC password, please visit the IT Service Desk or contact itservice@lclark.edu and ask about remote password reset options.

Welcome to Moodle 4.2 for 2023-24

by Educational Technology Administrator -
IT routinely performs a major Moodle upgrade during our August maintenance window. This upgrade has several enhancements that make it easier to organize and manage Course pages and the Gradebook including:
As you learn about new features, consider taking a user tour to get familiar with new editing features. Please let us know at itservice@lclark.edu if you have questions or notice things not working as expected post-update. 

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