Introduction to the study of market economies., Microeconomics, including supply and demand,, production theory, market structure., Macroeconomics, including economic growth,, inflation and unemployment, money and banking,, monetary and fiscal policy. Government regulation, and policy. Discrimination and poverty, imperfect, competition, environmental problems, international, competitiveness.
The operation of the financial sector and its, interrelationship with the productive sector. The, central institutions of money and banks; the, Federal Reserve System and its operation of, monetary policy; financial crises. Keynesian,, post-Keynesian, and monetarist theories and their, policy implications.
Theories and policies of classical, Keynesian,, new classical, and new Keynesian economists;, national income accounting; IS-LM analysis;, aggregate supply and demand; money, interest, rates, and investment; government spending and, taxation; fiscal and monetary policy.
Theoretical and practical problems of the, financial world and their impacts on economic, activity and macroeconomic policies. Monetary, sovereignty, government finance, central bank, operations, financial regulation, financial, crises, macroeconomic accounting rules, and their, implications.