Scholarly perspectives on environmental problems, and solutions, integrating concepts and analytical, skills drawn from the natural sciences, social, sciences, and humanities. Foundation for all, subsequent courses in the environmental studies, major. Lectures, faculty and guest presentations,, regular online assignments, individual and group, research projects.
Faculty-directed student engagement, connecting, environmental scholarship to people in a variety, of settings. Identification and finalization of, engagement opportunities; development of, communication, cultural competency, and related, skills; reflection on engagement experiences; and, authoring and sharing of outcomes.
Introduction to issues in environmental law and, policy. Taught by environmental and natural, resources law faculty of Lewis & Clark Law School,, the course covers major areas in environmental, law. Topics vary and may include water law, the, Endangered Species Act, hazardous waste law,, environmental justice, environmental law, enforcement, the World Trade Organization, public, lands law, the Clean Air Act, and the National, Environmental Policy Act. Panels discuss careers, in law and study of law. A unique opportunity for, students interested in careers in environmental, law and policy.