Examines tensions (political, social, cultural) of, the final decades of the Romanov dynasty and, traces the collapse of the 300-year-old empire, during the First World War. Focus is largely on, the 20th century. Topics include the Russian, Revolution, "Soviet Man" (Homo Sovieticus),, Stalinism, collectivization, terror, the "Great, Patriotic War," Cold War culture, the, Sovietization of Eastern Europe, the Brezhnev era,, reforms of the Gorbachev period, the end of the, Soviet Union, and legacies for Russia and the, other successor states. Attention throughout to, gender, family, nation, and concept of the, individual in relation to the collective.
Introduction to the practice and research methods, of history. Reading and critical analysis of, primary sources and scholarship organized around, themes or problems in history. Focus varies, depending on areas of the instructor's teaching, and/or research. Assignments are organized around, a substantial final project and/or several, smaller projects. May be taken twice with change, of topic.
Limit: 15 students., , , The course affords students the opportunity to, delve deeply into intellectual property topics., The seminar will be organized around areas of, interest for the students enrolled and may include, topics in any of the intellectual, property areas (Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and, Trade, Secrets). In addition to reading and discussing, class materials, each student is required to, research and write an analytical paper on a topic, of their choosing. Students are required to, rewrite their papers in response to comments on, their initial paper submissions. Students may thus, satisfy the Capstone writing requirement through, this seminar. Each student will also be, responsible for leading a discussion during one or, more class sessions. Class attendance,, participation in discussion, and leading, discussion will form a part of the student's grade, for the course., , , Prerequistes: At least one of the following, courses: Copyright Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law, or Intellectual Property Survey, , , , Meets the Capstone writing requirement
Faculty-student collaborative research, experience. Students will apply their knowledge, of research methods to faculty-directed research, projects both on and off campus. Students will, work collaboratively with faculty to collect and, analyze research data.