Words teaches students to explore the meaning and, significance of texts via close reading and, analysis, and to express that analysis orally and, in writing. Specific content and topics will vary, with instructors.
Application of cognitive theory to decision making, and problem solving. Selective perception, memory,, contextual effects on decision making, paradoxes, in rationality, biases created from, problem-solving heuristics, probability and risk, assessment, perception of randomness, attribution, of causality, group judgments and decisions.
Private lessons in saxophone. Fee. May be repeated, for credit.
Individual private vocal lessons. Emphasis on, healthy vocal technique, selection of appropriate, repertoire, methods of learning vocal music, and, performance with excellent style, diction, and, expression. Fee. May be repeated for credit., First-time voice students should contact the voice, area coordinator prior to course registration to, be matched with a specific teacher.
Rudiments of musical notation and technical, skills, developed through folk music. Basic folk, guitar techniques learned through musical, notation, tablature, visual demonstration. Fee., May be repeated for credit.