Introduces students to immigration and asylum law, in the United States. Students will work with, instructor on several asylum cases for which, instructor serves as expert witness for country, conditions. Countries we cover include Mexico,, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Venezuela., Asylum claims cover a variety of topics, including, political persecution, drug cartel and gang, violence, sexual violence, and gender and sexual, orientation-based discrimination. Guest speakers, will include immigration lawyers, immigration, advocates, and immigration law professors., Students will apply liberal-arts research and, writing skills to draft declarations for asylum, petitioners, and they will work in teams on, several cases during the semester, participating, in intake interviews with clients to hearings, before an immigration judge.

Didactic class instruction, practicum placement,, and clinical training related to work as a, professional school psychologist. Covers the, application of psychological therapies with, children, adolescents, and families in educational, settings, as well as skills involved in collecting, data for consultation and assessment at the, practicum site. Foci will include the development, and application of diversity awareness and, knowledge including systems of power and, privilege; awareness of one's own beliefs, biases,, and prejudices; and methods/skills for working, with those who are diverse in culture, race,, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or, physical or mental ability. In weekly seminars,, students review research, theory, and practice., Students also present audio and/or video, recordings of their counseling for supervisory, review.