First semester of a rigorous one-year introductory, physics course aimed at life science and chemistry, majors. Kinematics, vectors, force, statics, work,, energy, linear and angular momentum, oscillations,, fluids. Students may not earn credit for both PHYS, 141 and PHYS 151. Lecture, Lab.
For nonmajors. Essential concepts used to describe, and understand the physical universe. Conservation, of energy, second law of thermodynamics, entropy,, theory of relativity, wave-particle duality of, matter.
This course covers the physical principles, underlying musical sound. Background in the, physics of vibration and the interference of, waves. Resonance and standing waves as key to, understanding musical instruments and the, overtone series. Frequency spectrum of sound,, Fourier analysis and synthesis, and the, connection to timbre. Scales and harmony. Physics, and psychophysics of hearing. Acoustics of rooms., Music technology including recording and, reproduction, digital music, compressed formats,, digital effects.
Oscillating phenomena in nature and the building, blocks of matter. Masses on springs, pendula,, waves on strings, sound waves, light waves. Optics, including the action of lenses, examples of, diffraction, interference. Wave-particle duality, of light and the electron. Quantum mechanics,, behavior of electrons in atoms, atoms in, molecules, protons and neutrons in nuclei, quarks, in protons and neutrons. Students may not earn, credit for both PHYS 142 and PHYS 152. Lecture,, Lab.