Overview of painting, sculpture, and architecture, produced in Europe and North America, with a, focus on work created between the 14th and 21st, centuries. Exploration of key theoretical, problems and ways of looking especially important, to the history of art. Multiple perspectives and, methods of analysis provided through lectures,, scheduled discussions, and museum field work. Key, monuments situated in a variety of contexts: the, role of art in religious and memorial practices;, the rise of the social status of the artist;, drawing as a form of thinking; art as a tool of, power and politics; art as constructor of gender, and identity; visual narrative; the potentials, and limitations of various technical media;, definitions of "modernism"; the uses of, "classicism."
Fundamentals of using oil paints in a, representational and abstract manner. Emphasis on, gaining technical proficiency with color and, paint handling, finding self-direction, and, identifying precedents in the history of, painting. Topics explored include representation,, abstraction, postmodernism, collage. Students, will develop and use critical language that, addresses the inherent issues in painting.