An exploration of ways gender informs the theory,, history, and creation of literature and art. The, role gender norms and constructs play in, establishing, reproducing, or contesting aesthetic, values, traditions, and hierarchies; feminist, perspectives on subjects such as the gaze, the, self-portrait, autobiography, and costume; gender, and its relationship to theories of beauty, taste,, and the body. Materials may be drawn from, literature, art, film, cultural studies, art, history, theatre, dance, and queer studies., Emphasis on an interdisciplinary topic to be, chosen by the professor. Recent topics have, included 20th-century experimentation in novels,, films, and photography; the Victorian crisis in, gender roles from the sensation heroine and, Pre-Raphaelitism to the dandy; gender and self as, artistic and theoretical constructs from the, Enlightenment to the present.