SS 560 - Syllabus and Ten Day Calendar - 2020.pdfSS 560 - Syllabus and Ten Day Calendar - 2020.pdf
Course Description:
This course presents a study of United States history through the lens of major constitutional cases, issues, and debates. Topics will include, but are not limited to: equal protection, voting rights and disenfranchisement, due process, privacy and security, and free speech. These constitutional issues will be placed into their historical context and examined for their connections and relevance to current and emerging topics.

Description of Instructional Approach/Pedagogy:
The instructional approach is threefold: 1) Provide content knowledge; 2) Model teaching strategies; 3) Create and workshop curriculum. The course will emphasize social justice education. Based in the principles of Rethinking Schools, the course will focus on employing pedagogy that is grounded, critical, multicultural, anti-racist, participatory, experiential, hopeful, activist, academically rigorous, culturally sensitive, and honest. The parallel to this will be an introduction to historiography and an introduction to dialectical materialism as a framework for thinking critically about history.