Renewable Energy Law & Policy - Professor Melissa, Powers, , Course Number: LAW-491, , Course Type: Highly Specialized, , Credits: 3, , Enrollment Limit: Determined by the Registrar, , Description: This class will cover the laws and, policies designed to promote renewable energy, development. The course will review the existing, renewable energy technologies and the practical, limitations involved in their development, siting,, and integration into the U.S. electricity grid., The course will also explore the dominant, renewable energy laws, including subsidies,, renewable portfolio standards, PURPA, and net, metering. The course will consider how these laws, operate within the existing electricity regulatory, system and examine recent efforts to reform, utility regulation. Finally, the course will, explore transmission regulation for renewable, resources and the legal and policy framework for, electricity storage. The class will focus on, renewable energy development in the United States,, but will also provide some comparative examples of, renewable energy policies used in other countries., , Prerequisite: Students must have taken Energy Law:, Electricity Regulation or Northwest Energy Law or, have received a waiver from the professor., , Evaluation Method: Regular quizzes, class, participation, and a final exam. Evaluation may, also include a short paper or in-class practical, simulation., , Capstone: no, , WIE: no