This three-semester hour course introduces, students to financial, economic, and budgetary, issues within Higher Education with particular, emphasis on student affairs. Students will review, the primary political, economic, and social issues, influencing higher education finance; examine, revenue streams and expenditure patterns; survey, tuition and financial aid policies; develop the, ability to examine and analyze financial, information; and assess the budget as an, instrument of strategic planning, resource, allocation, and control. This course is grounded, in literature, theories, and examples specific to, higher education. The goal for this class is to, provide students with the knowledge and abilities, that empower them to make appropriate decisions as, higher education leaders. Through assigned, readings, lectures, and webcast materials, and by, active course participation, including completion, of assigned activities, students will have the, opportunity to demonstrate their familiarity with, the following topics: financing higher education;, political influences; higher education revenue, sources and uses; and institutional budgeting and, planning.