Classroom work with the support of a mentor who, holds a Reading Intervention endorsement., Practicum candidates work in their own classrooms, with a focus on reading instruction and, assessment. As part of the practicum, candidates, are assigned a mentor and a supervisor. The, supervisor will conduct four observations. Two, observations are focused on reading instruction., Two observations focused on in-class reading, assessment. The supervisor fills out an, observation report/rubric. The supervisor conducts, two triad meetings with the candidate and mentor,, focusing on the observation report and rubric, (areas of conversation include reading instruction, practices and reading assessment practices such as, data collection/use of data). The mentor conducts, at least two formal observations and one formal, evaluation of the candidate. In the concluding, triad meeting, the candidate, supervisor, and, mentor work together to fill out a summative, evaluation identifying strengths in the practicum, experience and goals for continued improvement.