Kim Cameron-Domínguez
Fall 2021 - Gender Studies
231 Genders and Sexualities in a Global Perspective
Course Description: This is a feminist anthropological approach to the study of gender and sexuality. We will read some text that take a cross-disciplinary approach within the social sciences; however, this is not a general survey course. Our approach to reading emphasizes comprehension, analysis and critique, in that order. The course pace is slow - moderate.
The course has three aims/trajectories. First, it provides a historiography of studying social difference within anthropology. Anthropologists acknowledge the changing nature of culture, society, and nation. Some material will be dated. Some is not. We are looking at how theory, debates and analyses around gender and sexuality have developed/is changing over time in the discipline and within different socio-cultural settings. The second aim picks up from there. In addition to textbooks, we will read ethnographic research article and ethnographic texts that provide historical and contemporaneous descriptions of gender identity and sexual expressions in different socio-cultural settings. Third, material from popular sources will give us respite from the academic voice.