NOTE: Students are not permitted to enroll in the, Intellectual Property Law Survey course if they:, (a) have already taken two or more of the, following three courses: Copyright Law, Patent Law, & Policy, Trademark Law; (b) will be concurrently, enrolled in two or more of the three courses in, the same semester as the Intellectual Property, Survey; or (c) have already taken one of those, three courses and will be concurrently enrolled in, one or more of the three courses in the same, semester as the Intellectual Property Survey., , This course surveys the main areas of, intellectual property law,including state trade, secrecy and unfair competition law, and, federalpatent, copyright, trademark law. It, introduces each subject andexplores, commonalities and differences among different, systems ofintellectual property protection. A, central theme is the challenges totraditional, legal paradigms posed by new technologies and the, shift toan information-based economy. The course, is intended for all studentswho seek a basic, understanding of the laws applicable to key, assets ofmost businesses, as well as for, students interested in becomingintellectual, property specialists. Each unit of the course, includes a required hands-on exercise to, reinforce the doctrine covered during class., , Grades are based primarily on a standard, three-hour exam at the end of the semester, as, well as on satisfactory completion of the four, required hands-on exercises. Class participation, may also be considered in grading for the course.