Exploration of the religious history of the, Pacific Northwest, with a focus on Oregon and, Washington. Examination of the religious, traditions of regional Native American tribes,, early Protestant missions, and the growth of, Catholicism and Mormonism in the region, as well, as recent immigrant religions (such as Vietnamese, Buddhism), nondenominational Christian groups, and, alternative forms of spirituality. Using, theoretical models from religious studies to, consider why the Northwest does not carry the, imprint of a dominant religious tradition or, traditions, as most other regions of the country, do. This course is cross-listed with RELS 441., Students taking the 300-level version of this, course will complete a guided research project,, identifying and mastering the range of scholarly, positions on a theme, critical issue, or essential, primary text, and will produce a technically sound, research paper. The course can only be taken once, and cannot be repeated at the other level.