"Asian American" is a catchall term that refers to, a variety of people whose ethnic and cultural, origins span a third of the globe. In this class,, we will examine some of the distinct populations, that make up this group, including those who trace, their origins to China, Japan, Continental India,, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Hawaii,, and several other Pacific Islands. (Students may, focus their independent research project on, another group of their choice.) We will use, memoirs, literature, government documents,, history, film, and material culture to answer, these questions: Why did they immigrate to the, U.S.? What were their experiences after they, arrived? How were their experiences shaped by, global and internal politics, as well as their, cultural repertoires? What do their experiences, reveal about American history and contemporary, politics and views? Why have such diverse, populations been grouped under one label and, viewed as a single "race"?