Words teaches students to explore the meaning and, significance of texts via close reading and, analysis, and to express that analysis orally and, in writing. Specific content and topics will vary, with instructors.

Course Description: 120-03

The words “Romantic” and “Romanticism” hold a myriad of meanings for most of us. We watch “Rom-Com” films, see ads that sell “Romantic” products and experiences, and listen to Romantic music. In this course we will investigate the origins of Romanticism, the philosophical ideas and ideals that galvanized a generation of writers, artists and musicians, read, hear, and study the music and literature of the 19th- century Romantic artists, and spend some time reading critiques of their work by their contemporaries and more current writers. We will investigate the role of the artist (music, literature and art) in 19th-century society, the and search for parallels between the 19th century and our own time. Finally, we will look at how the ethos of the 19th century has shaped our own experiences as creators and consumers of art. Are we, ourselves, a generation of 21st-century Romanticists?