When participating in a track and field relay
race, it is important that each of the sprinters
speedily covers their portion of the race. Equally
important is the fluidity of transferring
responsibility from one runner to the next, the
critical passing of the baton, or "pasar la
batuta". It is in this moment when all of the
effort given by one runner helps jump start their
teammate in a seamless fashion, or when the work
is abruptly halted because the hand off is faulty.
This critical transfer can define the outcome of
the race. The analogy of "pasar la batuta" well
articulates the responsibility educational leaders
in P-12 and higher education settings have for
fashioning a seamless transition for students to
navigate. As it stands, the movement between
primary and secondary education into postsecondary
education is disjointed. This course will explore
why the transition across the educational pipeline
is choppy, what factors need to be considered in
order to facilitate a smoother move, and the
opportunities for leaders to foster that change.