Advanced Research Methods has been developed for, those students who enter their PMHC/PMHC-A program, with a strong research background and/or are, considering completing a thesis. This class will, build on student's base of knowledge by providing, an opportunity to learn about aspects of the, research process in more detail. Research, paradigms, qualitative, quantitative designs and, program evaluation will be covered. We will also, learn about new and innovative designs and/or, methods. Students planning to complete a thesis, will refine their thesis topics, develop a, research question, and begin their thesis, proposal, including a literature review., , The structure of the class will include some, lecture but primarily that of a research, colloquium. Each meeting of the colloquium will, cover a different broad topic with specifics, determined by the class. Class will also provide, the opportunity to present "problems" and/or, issues that come up as students design their, projects.