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DESCRIPTION: The field of farm animal protection needs advocates with legal training to advance the minimal protection given to farm animals. The Farm Animal Protection Project gives L&C students experience working on legal projects similar to what they encounter in farm animal protection nonprofits. This project will give L&C students an employment advantage when applying for work with these organizations. Students will also gain essential advocacy skills consistent with the mission of Lewis & Clark Law School.
IN-CLASS COMPONENT: This course has an in-class component as well as a written deliverable. Each week the class explores ways to expand farm animal protections. The class also group problem solves issues that comes up in students projects. Class meets one day a week for two hours.
PROJECT COMPONENT: Each student is responsible for researching and writing on a real-world legal issue in the field of farm animal protection. The audience for these writings are lawyer and non-lawyer advocates working in the field of farm animal protection. The Farm Animal Protection Project shares its work with the public.

Students will conduct regular check-ins with the Farm Animal Protection Project professor. Students are expected to spend 10 hours a week on these projects.
Examples of these research and writing projects include:
• Writing amicus briefs on a significant piece of pending farm animal protection litigation.
• Creating white papers on rapidly developing farm animal protection issues.
• Filing Freedom of Information Act requests and publishing the results to aid the farm animal protection movement.
• Drafting new domestic and international farm animal protection legislation.
• Creating new curriculum for farm animal protection animal law courses around the globe.
• Creating informational campaigns on farm animal topics.
• Using artforms to raise awareness of farm animals, and farm animal law.
• There will also be an option for students to create a farm animal protection nonprofit as part of this class.