Ecotherapy is the field of inquiry concerned with
the human-nature relationship and includes a
substantial body of evidence demonstrating the
physical and psychological benefits of interacting
with nature. A basic tenet of the field is that
our inner worlds and the outer world are
intimately connected. The need for nature still
resides in our bodies, minds, and spirit. From an
ecotherapy perspective, a central challenge of our
time is the integration of our connection with
nature with our scientific culture and our
technological selves. As such, ecotherapy has a
role to play in addressing such issues as the
decreased presence of nature in our lives; the
exponential growth of technology in daily living;
and the impact of global climate change. This
course guides students toward self-reflection
regarding their environmental identity and their
"sense of place". It also explores the motivations
for integrating ecological perspectives into
academic and professional work.