The course provides a practical view
of how to start, operate, and manage your legal
practice - with a focus on law firm and solo
practice, while also incorporating other practice
settings. Topics explored include: understanding
practice fundamentals, law practice as a business,
law firm structures and logistics, financial
management, timekeeping, billing, and trust
accounts, marketing plans, client management,
human resources, practice tools and technology,
issues surrounding professionalism and reputation
management, common ethical issues and obligations,
key resources for Oregon attorneys, and the basics
of risk management and professional liability.
Students will explore course topics by researching
and drafting interim assignments and a small
firm/solo business practice plan, which will be
submitted at the end of the course. Class
participation individually and in groups is
strongly encouraged. While particularly relevant
to students planning on a career in small firm or
solo practice, this course will benefit any new