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Heyyo everyone! I love seeing all of your guys' pictures and videos. Seeing these different processes has inspired some creative ways for me and Zach to really embrace our characters outside of designated practice time. Woohoo, I am so excited!

We met tonight and finally have the whole script down without error. It is exciting to move away from the paper and really get into the specificity of our actions. We are now focusing on adding movement to our scene. It was pretty stagnant before. We have brainstormed a lot of ideas to help the scene come alive. These actions require a bit of a different setup than we had before. We are adding a chair alongside a table that I can set my stuff on. The reason we are doing this is because I now (Kayleen) have a place to go away from Doug but then when I need to get closer to him physically, but also emotionally, I can do so. 

We practiced today in front of my softball teammates which was really fun for me. smile This was really helpful too. I find that it is easiest for me to be Kayleen when in the black box/ most comfortable being seen acting. But when I am pushing past this comfort, I found it harder to find myself in Kayleen. I think this is because parts of her role hold some emotions that I don't often show around my friends. We have more of a goofy dynamic. Ultimately, it was a nice challenge that we found rewarding. It helped us to really dig deep into finding "Kayleen" and "Doug" when most uncomfortable. 

Zach and I are meeting tomorrow morning, to run through our scene, with our props. It should be really fun! I hope it goes well.  

Oh yes. One other thing that has been pretty fun in this whole process, is the development of Doug's weary weirdness and Kayleen's subtle drunkenness. It makes for a pretty fun but also complex scene. 

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