Blog entry by Caitlin Gallagher

by Caitlin Gallagher - Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 11:01 AM
Anyone in the world

Alexa and I have had an amazing time in this class. It has pushed us out of our comfort zones as well as challenges our own abilities. Neither of us have ever done acting before and this has been a great experience. After our second dress rehearsal Alexa and I are feeling pretty confident about our final. We still need to work on and fine tune some things, but we are headed in the right direction. For me, I need to do a better job at hearing my partners lines, taking it in and then responding. I usually rush through a performance because I get super nervous with everyone looking at us, but I am working on it. Alexa needs to work on the opposite. She needs to work on not taking as much time in between lines and having an immediate reaction to my line. We plan on going outside and running around while rehearsing our lines. Doing something active as well as going to a space where we feel comfortable fully yelling our lines. We have some trouble with volume here and there during our performance and want to fix that for our final. 

Associated Course: TH113-02/19FA