Blog entry by Devon Franklin

by Devon Franklin - Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 7:07 PM
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The last dress rehearsal was very fun I believe for the both of us. We went into the rehearsal a lot more confident about the characters we have taken on. We practice a few times through and really set out some of the back and forth action we wanted to add to increase the natural feeling of the scene. We both have are new to this acting experience and it has been amazing to see the growth and progress we've made. It is clear the purpose and intention of our roles and thus making it simpler to act on impulse and truly feed off your counterpart, completely immersing yourself into the situation to the point where you can't feel you're acting. During the days before our final, we will still have our one-on-one meeting with Rebecca which should be enlightening to see and try some more advanced techniques to present an even better scene come Monday. We also want to meet again after the one-on-one to rehearse and totally grasps the concepts we may here from Rebecca. This class has been an amazing experience, pushing us out of our shells and into the light. I guess that's the only way we shine! 
Associated Course: TH113-02/19FA