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by Ryan Dyer - Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 10:42 AM
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Mia and I met today at 8:10am in the blackbox for our first rehearsal session. Whew, it was a little early but this was only time that would work for both of our schedules! Initially, I couldn't get into the theatre, but then I quickly realized that I have swipe acess with my student ID. Crisis averted. 

We began our session by discussing our set-up on stage and what props we might need for the performance. We don't have all of these things yet, but it was good to talk about and get on the same page moving forward. Then Mia did a cartwheel, and then so did I. It was exhilirating. Always imporant to get upside down imo.

Once settled down, we began to rehearse our lines. We ran through our scene "off-book" right away just to see how far we could make it. We made it pretty far! However, it was clear that we needed to work on the lines more and also learn the beats together. For the rest of the rehearsal, we worked on finalizing our entrance, memorizing the lines, and discussing the crescendos of the scene together. I'm not sure we have all the lines down yet, but we are making solid progress. All in all, it was a useful and productive rehearsal. Hopefully the showing of our first two minutes goes well!

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