Blog entry by Sanaa Green

by Sanaa Green - Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 10:02 PM
Anyone in the world

This week, my partner and I worked on analyzing the beats in our script and were able to write what each character was going for in each beat. I feel that although analyzing beats can be an easy concept, my partner and I had some conflict because there were times where I might have thought the shift of beat was changing and my partner did not and vise versa. Overall, we were able to identify where the main beats should take place. We also went through our script and learned a little bit more about each character and the given circumstance. This helped us to get more in the scene and to play the role of the character rather than just acting out the scene. Knowing more about each character and the given circumstance, makes the needs and wants of each character more clear is what we learned. Besides doing tableware with my partner this last week, we also practiced our script which I feel like we're having a hard time memorizing because of the specificity go the situation and because we need to practice more of being in the shoes of the character rather than just saying the lines.