Blog entry by Zoey Norling

by Zoey Norling - Thursday, April 8, 2021, 9:46 AM
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Libby and I have spent a lot of time looking into the relationship between Sam and Rose and asking ourselves how we can portray the complications between us. We love how subtle the tensions are between Sam and Rose at first, and how they grow in the scene, but struggled at first at understanding each of the characters given circumstances. Some things that really helped both of us better understand our characters have been the beat analysis and taking a moment before the scene starts to bring ourselves into the moment. 

The beat assignment clarified a lot of our emotions in the scene. We are constantly pulling each other in different directions in this moment of the play. There is a lot of confusion, passion, and frustration. Although our characters are confused, we realized that we needed to understand a bit why they were confused. Sitting down and talking about it was really helpful to the building of our work together. We also continued with memorizing lines and blocking out our movements. We will be sitting in two chairs for the scene, so we worked on how to make that feel fluid rather than rigid. Even though we are sitting, we worked on the subtle movements and bodily conversations between our characters. 

Overall, we discovered this week that this scene has so many subtleties and we began to engage with those more to feel more comfortable with our characters and each other. 

Associated Course: TH113-01/21SP