Blog entry by McKenzie Wingard

by McKenzie Wingard - Monday, April 12, 2021, 3:27 PM
Anyone in the world

Our first rehearsal was over zoom last week and it was really fun! Although, at times reading body language through the computer was impossible which made pinch/ouch difficult to utilize at times. We've found this scene to be more difficult but also more fun than expected. We spent a lot of the time brainstorming about what we each really wanted with everything we said. We ended up changing our strategies from our original beat analysis a lot. We also tried to deal with the blocking of the scene, but it was hard! Because of zoom, but also because we're just sitting. There were many moments of random accent use and huge dramatization of the lines because we were trying really hard to up the awkwardness of the scene but sometimes it was just too awkward and the lines can be taken to become very silly. Anyways, we're looking forward to working on the full thing! After watching everyone's wonderful first showings last week we were so inspired and got really pumped to work on ours smile 

Associated Course: TH113-01/21SP