Blog entry by Martin Lopez

by Martin Lopez - Thursday, April 15, 2021, 4:45 PM
Anyone in the world

Today we tried a new approach in getting into character specially since our scene gets intimate at times. We addressed this by dancing together before rehearsing, we are basically getting more comfortable with each other. 💃

While dancing, Lauren asked me to give her some more pressure as I was leading. This helped her react to the direction and movements we were both doing. We used this to our advantage in this scene as both of us felt like we could trust one another to give emotions and to react to them. 🤗

An important part for me during this rehearsal was figuring out when I need to put the beer bottle on the floor and when do I need to pick it up. This gives me more mobility on the scene and helps me get more into the character. 🍼😎

We are excited for you all to see it on Monday! Woohoo! 😎😊