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by Lauren Satterwhite - Thursday, April 15, 2021, 8:19 PM
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Today Martin and I had a very fun idea before we started rehearsal. Martin is in charge of Bachata club and on Tuesday he hosted a pod night. My roommate and I went and he taught this really fun Bachata number. 💃Before rehearsal, we decided to dance together to see if it would help our intimacy within the scene. It definitely did.☺️ We found it to be so much easier tapping in to our emotions and reacting to each others movements because we did that using a language that we both know and feel comfortable with. 💃With partner dancing it's about trust but also signals. I felt comfortable asking Martin to position me with a little more firmness while we were dancing because I was having trouble remembering some steps but since I was following, I just needed him to physically tell me where I needed to go (Yes, he was a pretty great leader😎). With that added pressure, I knew where I needed to go. It was fantastic! 🙂It was such a fun way to open up rehearsal but also helped us both snap into character more easily. We already trust one another but this exercise helped that trust to grow even more which ultimately added to the comfort level of our scene.  

Martin worked a lot on intimacy but he also focused a lot on where to put the beer bottle. 🍼 Props can be hard sometimes in that way because there are times he feels like it's more natural to have it in his hand but there are also times when he needs to move and not have a bottle in his hands. 🚶. Finding that balance has been tricky. We're working it out though! 

Good job to everyone on the first round of scenes! See you all on Monday 👏

Associated Course: TH113-01/21SP