Blog entry by Zoey Norling

by Zoey Norling - Thursday, April 29, 2021, 11:37 AM
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Final blog post! After our individual coaching session with Rebecca we are feeling much more clear on what we need to work on and the progress we have made. Our beats and pauses in the scene have definitely improved and gotten more clear, however, Rebecca noted that they could still be cleaner. We worked on blocking and finalized what works for us and our scene. It was fun to go back over very specific lines and nail down what the given circumstances were for each moment. Libby and I agreed with Rebecca, that our connection and love could be more clear in the scene. One thing that Rebecca told us to do, to help navigate with the tensions of the scene, is to play one line very loving and the next one very stern. This way, the audience is able to more clearly pick up the contrasting dynamics. This is something that we will be playing with until our final performance. 

We also finally picked out some costumes! We are still unsure if we like them more than the plain white t-shirts that we have been wearing, but they are a collared matching set which is good. We were worried that our scene didn't have enough props or blocking, but after working with Rebecca we left feeling more confident that we have been making some good strong choices by following our instincts. We are excited to finalize everything and wrap up a project we have put so much time and energy into smile 

Associated Course: TH113-01/21SP