Examines existing best practices in verbal, communication, creative expression, and, audio-visual presentation and production. Students, will apply these practices in a series of, exercises focused on individual and group, communication, developing the ability to employ, entrepreneurial thinking and principles to, communicate innovative ideas to a variety of, audiences. Projects include public speaking, exercises, written and oral presentations tailored, to different audiences, and audio-visual, advertising and promotional content production., Case studies will be used to examine successful, marketing campaigns for innovative products and, services as well as alternative strategies and, failures. We will emphasize habits and barriers to, effective communication, strategies that promote, creative expression, and how entrepreneurial, methods empower successful messaging.
Through lectures, assigned readings, and hands-on, activities, students learn about the parallel and, synergistic processes of scientific discovery and, engineering innovation. Open-ended projects give, students experience in mutualistic teaming,, technology transfer, product development, and, marketing, as well as opportunities to learn and, apply methods inherent in effectual, entrepreneurial activities. Team-based laboratory, projects focus on the process of technology, transfer (utilizing scientific research in, commercial product development).