Introduction and examination of issues, surrounding the role of an art curator. With, emphasis on field trips, guest speakers, reading, assignments, and group discussion, seminar, participants will encounter a variety of, curatorial experiences, from registrarial work, and conservation to public art processes, museum, design, electronic curating in "virtual space,", and art criticism. Students will meet and, interact with professionals in the Portland, metropolitan area who are involved in the, business of art.
Through lectures, assigned readings, and hands-on, activities, students learn about the parallel and, synergistic processes of scientific discovery and, engineering innovation. Open-ended projects give, students experience in mutualistic teaming,, technology transfer, product development, and, marketing, as well as opportunities to learn and, apply methods inherent in effectual, entrepreneurial activities. Team-based laboratory, projects focus on the process of technology, transfer (utilizing scientific research in, commercial product development).